Shadow Poetry

22 aug 2018
Poetry Night inspired by Georgia Goy’s Shadows Found in Nature Photography

I love it when something motives my muse and inspires me to stop whatever I’m doing and write! That happened tonight when I received an invitation to attend Poetry Night at the Bridge Cafe. Attached to the invitation was three  “Shadows Found in Nature” photographs by Georgia Goy that are being used as prompts to write poetry that will be read and judged at the event. The first place winner will receive 10 greeting cards with the photo they wrote about and their poem inside. Runners up will receive a greeting card of the photo. How cool is that?

My muse, who has been buried beneath my busy schedule, appeared as quick as a rabbit from a magician’s hat, and for a moment, all my worries and stresses melted away as I was one with words. That is one of the most rewarding perks of writing poetry. It’s almost like meditation. I get lost in the writing and forget about my never-ending to do list.

I decided to make time for this event. It will be my artist date and a chance to hang out with my tribe. Even though I’m an introvert and usually avoid crowds, I like to step out of my comfort zone and meetup with writers because it is in this world I feel most at home. I am looking forward to the event and hope to see YOU there!

Below are the poems I was inspired to write for this event. The first one is a riddle. Can you guess the word I had in mind as I wrote it? I actually came up with three words! What word first comes to your mind when you read it?

creativity is Intelligence having fun (1)

A thousand roads I’ve traveled to find you just to discover you were with me all along. 

The second poem was inspired by the photograph of a couple by a tree. My husband, two kids, and our American Eskimo Spitz lived in Sweetser, Indiana for 20 years. We had a willow tree in the back yard that towered over the other trees in the neighborhood. A guy in his 80’s stopped by one day and said his family planted it when he was a kid. We spent hours under that tree as a family. Our dog Cotton even went under the tree to die. He looked so peaceful when I came home from work and saw him lying at the base of the tree with his long white fur being caressed by the breeze and the wispy willow gently swaying. I loved that tree and was heartbroken when a bad storm came through and knocked part of it down onto our house. The insurance gave us $10k for repairs so it all worked out. I have never forgotten that willow tree and the important role it played in our life.

creativity is Intelligence having fun (2)

Meet me by the willow tree where we held hands as we talked about our dreams, where our children played on the tire swing, where the branches bent with the fiercest wind, where love never ends. 


Poetry Night inspired by Georgia Goy’s Shadows Found in Nature Photography will be Tuesday, September 13, 2016 from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Bridge Cafe, 138 N. Main Street, Upland, Indiana 46989. Join us! 




2 thoughts on “Shadow Poetry

    • God is the best answer! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography with us Georgia. I am looking forward to seeing more. I LOVE nature photography and the addition of shadows makes it even more intriguing!


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